60-130 cm/100 kg, Electric Flat Lift, black

Item Number: TS700A 7BXX1
The TS700A is designed for small to large LCD/plasma screens. The lift has an incredible stroke compared to the required build-in height, which makes this unit usable for installation almost everywhere. The stroke can also be adjusted to limit the stroke height and/or the stroke drop. Furthermore this lift has an anti-squeeze function. If the moving parts of the lift or the Plasma/LCD mounted on the lift meet an obstacle in the down-going motion, the lift will stop and reverse. The pressure given before reversing is equal to the weight of the TV that is mounted. Remote controlled with RF. Peak load of 100 kg and working load of 65/29 kg (see specifications). Show More
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Product Number: TS700A 7BXX1
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1 TS700A 7BXX1 60-130 cm/100 kg, Electric Flat Lift, black




Minimum Height: 600 mm.Maximum Height: 1300 mm.Max Stroke: 700 mm.Adjustable Stroke: YesMax Load: 65 kg. Mounted upside down: 29 kg.Peak Load: 100 kg. (Motor thrust power)
Colour: BlackReverse Function: YesInputpower: 110-240 VAC/50-60 Hz AC Plug: EU/UK/US/NZ/AUS
RF Remote System: YesIR Remoste System: Optional R137380Lidlifter: YesMounting Brackets: YesVESA: 400x400,400x300,400x200,400x100,300x300,200x200,200x100,100x100